First Day In a New Hospital

Hi!  Obviously this is a new journal *looks around* Yup all nice and spacious and all that fun stuff!

First off, this is a Friends Only Journal.  Just to get it out of the way.  If you want me to friend you (like I should know you or some such) Comment on this entry or get a hold of me some other way.

I am a slightly insane person who tends to write slightly insane stuff, so if you have no clue about what I've been writing, just give up.  It's probably safer that way.

SO! Welcome to my mind, keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times, and enjoy the ride.  Also No Photography is allowed on this or any other rides! *snickers*
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Fic: Hiding in Plain Sight (Eureka/Pretender JCarter/NStark) 2/? PG-13

Title: Hiding in Plain Sight
Author: Becca/Paul
Pairings: Jack/Nathan, Jared/?
Categories: First Time, Angst/Drama, AU
Summary: Jack has a secret, and a problem when a new scientist comes to Eureka.
Warnings: None...yet, this'll get updated as I write.
Author's Notes: So, definitely not going to look at the plot bunny section of Marshal Science again...the bunnies there are very aggressive. I want to thank River for being a lovely, kind, patient, slightly demanding beta. And I should probably thank minalynn53 for spawning the bunny, but that would be admitting I like the bunny.

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Comment if you take if you don't mind. All brushes can be found on DeviantArt and I thank all the lovely artists that made them for the general consumption. Hope you like!
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So, I've had some issues with my bunnies lately, if that hasn't been evident from the lack of ficcage. So I'm requesting a little bit of help, post a word, phrase, or picture, with a fandom and any other information you want in the story to hopefully help jumpstart my bunnies. I would like to keep it limited to fandoms I know, so if you post one that I'm not familiar with I'll reply to your comment to ask for a different fandom. Other than that, have at it.
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The Insanity in Me

I fully and completely blame Dino for this one, if I hadn't looked at her profile I'd be off in my happy space, working on that Ironman/Eureka crossover, or the Eureka/Stargate crossover, or maybe one of my other tables....anyway, this table is for the 50ficlets challange.

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CSI Las Vegas Nick/Warrick #06 Pain

TITLE: Death Got Nothin’ On Me
AUTHOR: Becca/MusingDarkly
FANDOM: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
PAIRING: Nick/Warrick
GENRE: Slash
PROMPT: #06 Pain
SUMMARY: Warrick never felt so helpless.
WARNINGS: Kidnapping
NOTES: There are spoilers for Grave Danger, but seeing as it’s been a while since the episode, it’s probably safe.
DISCLAIMER: If I owned them, I’d be rich. Since I am poor, I obviously don’t own them.

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